1. Hey Tyler

    cool article, you know when you think something but can only manage to talk around it, you laid it all out so even I can digest it.
    Do you have a list of site that get the balance spot on?

  2. Just started reading the article is the Matrix graphic intended to show novice/novice in the upper right-hand, or expert-expert?

  3. David,

    Yes – it looks as if the matrix at the top is incorrect: Angela Baer should be expert-expert. Still the article was excellent.

    As we’ve come up with numerous tactics for helping the novice and intermediate users (auto-complete, breadcrumbs, filtering) there seems to be little available for more expert users. I suppose that will come in time as database search times decrease and search algorithms improve. Wolfram|Alpha is a start but it still has a long way to go.

  4. thanks for the timely article. differing levels of search proficiency is something that keeps coming up at work, but that’s difficult to frame. we’re also going to be investigating which KPIs / metrics / behaviors constitute a successful completed query. and, which indicate an ongoing progress or diminishing return for the user.

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