Dash Neimark

I design usable, enjoyable digital experiences driven by research and guided by the needs and desires of internal and external stakeholders. I draw upon my past experience in startups, UX consulting and freelancing, as well as the wealth of user experience knowledge I have gained throughout my M.S. in HCI (and now my M.S. in IDS) journey. From concept to launch, I incorporate lean, full-cycle UX tools & methodologies and am continually excited by future opportunities to play my part in delivering innovative digital solutions. Twitter - @ux_Dash

Stories by Dash Neimark

May 31st, 2016

The War on Information

A time to muster our UX practitioners

The world as we know it today is rich in information. At whim, we can usually find (without much delay) an information source that answers a question, suggests nearby restaurants, tells us how to travel, or provides us with data for the paper we are writing. The internet, as well as the technological innovations that…