Dave Malouf

Dave Malouf is an observer and pattern recognizer who is passionate about how technology can be a force for positive impact on human beings. With a background in anthropology, design, technology, education and management he is a consultant who helps organizations amplify the impact of their design teams through organizational strategy, recruitment planning, and team mentorship. Dave is also an entrepreneur who has co-founded Peer Loft. The mission of Peer Loft is to create products and services that help teams amplify their creativity. Their first product, Studio Stream, will help design organizations and educational institutions expand their design studios over distances without sacrificing the key elements that make a studio a powerful tool for creativity and team learning.

Stories by Dave Malouf

There is no UX for us That’s right! I said it. For us (designers, information architects, interaction designers, usability professionals, HCI researchers, visual designers, architects, content strategists, writers, industrial designers, interactive designers, etc.) the term user experience design (UX) is useless. It is such an over generalized term that you can never tell if someone…

Interaction Design focuses on the behavior of interfaces, rather than their form or structure. David Malouf proposes four foundations that underpin that practice. They help orchestrate a holistic narrative and give us all things to seriously consider when we look at our creations.

As users and builders demand more and more richness from the Web, we need to re-evaluate the technology that 99% of it is built on. It seems no matter how sophisticated our back ends get, the front ends remain stagnant. What other options are there? What are the requirements that we as user experience designers face that newer technologies miss the boat on?

Attending conferences often crystallizes the direction of a career or confirms choices made as people meet and communities bond over similar goals. It isn’t often that you hear about someone throwing off the mantle of a title or dropping out of a discipline altogether. David Heller explains why he feels the title IA isn’t appropriate to what he does anymore.