Nathan Curtis

Nathan Curtis currently consults in the Washington DC area via EightShapes, LCC, a UX partnership with Dan Brown. He has been practicing varied disciplines within user experience design since 1998, and areas of interest include information architecture, interaction design, usability research, and front-end development. Prior to EightShapes, Nathan led efforts at Sprint Nextel, Inc for projects that include ecommerce shopping and checkout, account management, and web portals for wireless device data synchronization. Nathan enjoys writing about and realizing the potential of various tools of the information architect, including Adobe's InDesign and EightShapes' free template kit, EightShapes Unify (

Stories by Nathan Curtis

September 13th, 2010

So You Wanna Build a Library, Eh?

The Big Questions to Ask Before Building a Pattern or Component Library

[Book excerpt] Building a library isn’t trivial and may not be right for your organization. Nathan Curtis examines the questions you to ask before building a design library.

May 10th, 2006

Know Your Place

Your Designs are Modular, but are your Artifacts?

Popular wireframing tools allow for reuse of repeated elements: change a centralized module once and have it update across all your screens. Nathan Curtis offers practical tips for increasing wireframing efficiency in this story.