Evolving a Creative Workplace: Step 8

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That old cliché isn’t true: all good things don’t have to come to an end. It’s possible to prepare your team for ongoing success and growth, but you have to be smart about how you do it.

In this series I’ve shared what’s worked for us at Intuitive Company. How we thought of our team as an organic garden and realized that once we had all of the right elements established, we didn’t need to mess with things too much. We prepared an open workplace, planted the right people, watered and added fertilizer to boost morale and growth, tilled and experimented to ensure we didn’t rest on our laurels, observed and protected our team when necessary, and then picked some of our best performers and work to celebrate and spotlight.

After all that, the final step is enjoyment—sitting back and appreciating the positive environment everyone has worked so hard to create. To us, success is the feeling of completion—of hard work yielding superior results for clients. We have to make time to soak it in, because there’s always more work to be done!


The ways in which we have fun and enjoy what we’ve built and achieved at Intuitive Company often take the form of office events. Beer swap, happy hour, poker night, and a having a team in the Broad Street Run have all been successful and bring our group even closer together.

And so I’ll end this series by asking you whether your team or company ever takes time out to just enjoy what you’ve accomplished together. If you’re at a larger organization, I’m not talking about holiday parties or other corporate-wide events that hundreds attend and everyone stays in their own clique. I mean more intimate celebrations or excursions where an individual team or all members of a small office can relax and have fun. It’s easy to add in a few activities throughout the year to show appreciation, encourage team bonding and just blow off steam.

I hope what I’ve shared about our experience growing Intuitive Company has given you ideas of ways your small business—or team within a large corporation—can create a more open and successful workplace environment.

If you’ve tried other tactics that led to the same positive results, I’d love to hear them, especially since I know we’ll need to keep honing our approach as we continue to grow.

Illustration by Ruslan Khaydarov.

Sandy Greene

Sandy Greene

Sandy has been Intuitive Company’s Creative Director since our humble beginnings and is a constant driving force of quality and innovation. Sandy previously was the Interface Design Director for Chase and directed the team responsible for all Chase public marketing and secure banking online experiences. Having graduated in 1989 from Carnegie Mellon University with a BFA and focus on Interaction Design, he’s worked in small to medium sized digital and print agencies in NYC and Philadelphia, from hands-on Designer to Director. In addition to all the accomplishments, few know that Sandy sports a creative past as Art Director for a small independent record label (Bar/None Records in Hoboken), an indie-rock magazine (Big Takeover), and developed an ID Magazine award-winning furniture line (eat your heart out, IKEA). He’s also the proud owner of a car his kids think is cool, especially since acquiring the after-market rims.
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  1. I love your approach! I lead groups on a creativity photo walkabout and always, they not only have fun together but suddenly see creative solutions to work/life situations. I believe that one of the best ways to learn is by taking your team members out of their comfort zone to embrace new ideas. You don’t need to go to far away places to keep learning, often we have so much to discover in our own backyard.

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