Redesign Submissions Closed

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REDESIGN UPDATE Submissions are closed and we are no longer accepting entries.
Thanks to all the folks who worked hard to submit a new visual vision for Boxes and Arrows and for all the great questions and discussion about the redesign.

Our final confirmed judges panel: Hillman Curtis, Katherine Jones, Andrei Herasimchuk, John Rhodes, Lou Rosenfeld, Nathan Shedroff, and Jared Spool.

We received over thirty entries from more than five countries. Christina Wodtke and Erin Malone will be spending the next two and half weeks reviewing each entry individually and prepping the entries for our judges.

Judging will begin the first week or so of September (specific date to be determined based on various travel schedules) and we will announce the winner and post the top 5 runner-ups on the site the end of September / beginning of October.

The first prize winner will receive a set of professional books from the fine publishers at PeachPit Press and (this just in) software from Adobe (exact titles and platform tbd)!


  1. Could you all give us some user feedback on the winners of this contest. It’s mid-October.


  2. will all submissions get published here on b&a? or will you just show us the winner?
    perhaps somebody could meanwhile collect and publish all entries on her/his blog…i’d do so, at least, if i had one 🙂

  3. Just curious…but it seems that there’ve been no new articles for some time now. Just curious, not critical.

  4. hi, i´ve sent a job to the contest, and i wanna know if you have news about the judging.

    do you have any idea about the date of finalists presentation?

    regards ed

  5. It’s hard to accept the “all volunteer organization that will make paying jobs take precedance” reason for not updating. It doesn’t give the users a feeling of longevity, much like A List Apart.

    Do you not have assistants who can help up? Do you not have a chain of command on getting things completed? Do you not have a huge readership community that would be happy to volunteer their time?

    This site may end up like a majority of sites out there. Very good intentions but forgotten when other things came up.

    Decentralize the process a little more. Then we don’t have to worry about great resource sites becoming dated and ignored.

    What happened to the AIFIA community helping?

  6. Its November now….. any news on the submissions, or at least a list of who entered so we could see them, while the judges decide?


  7. We have managed to corral the judges, and are currently tabulating the results. the winners will be posted NEXT ISSUE. Thank everyone for entering, and all submissions will be posted for the edification fo the community.

    — christina

    (also, sorry but life intervenes. you have to love us for the mess we are.)

  8. BTW you rotten anonymous commenter, what we need more than anything is a VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR who doesn’t flake on us. We get volunteers, but the current staff is so badly in the weeds they don’t even have time to vett volunteers. SO if you are willing to help us help ourselves, we would welcome it! It’s not sexy but it is needed.

  9. I can’t wait to see the winning designs! Any idea when the best design will get built? I’m guessing that help will be needed for that so please let me know if you need a hand. I’d be happy to help on the HTML/CSS end. 🙂

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