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This evening I had the pleasure of speaking with Principal of Interaction Design at Kicker Studio Jennifer Bove. Jennifer is co-chairing Interaction10 the third annual Interaction Design Association conference taking place February 4-7th at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia.

She shares many details for the upcoming conference including speakers, workshops, and several unique experiences that attendees can expect during their time at the event. You can also follow the conference on Twitter @IxD10.

Pre-Conference Workshops

The day before the conference, interaction designers can add core skills to their repertoire with hands-on workshops covering a range of topics. They include basic user experience skills like user research, mental models, brainstorming, and wireframing, but also mix in other topics like visual skills for folks who can’t draw, designing for mobile, and prototyping with “Arduino”:http://www.arduino.cc/.

Keynotes include:

Paola Antonelli – Senior Curator of Arch & Design at MOMA
Bill Moggridge – IDEO founder and interaction design pioneer
Jon Kolko – Associate Creative Director at Frog Design
Dan Hill – “Designer and urbanist”:http://www.cityofsound.com/blog/2002/01/about_cityofsou.html from Sydney
Ezio Manzini- “Sustainability expert”:http://www.sustainable-everyday.net/manzini/ and Professor of Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano
Nathan Shedroff – Author & Chair of the “Design MBA”:http://www.designmba.org/ at California College of the Arts

Also invited speakers to speak about core topics like storytelling, service design, copy writing, networked objects, open source hardware & software. People like Liz Danzico, Shelley Evenson, Timo Arnal from Oslo, Denise Wilton from Moo in the UK.

Interact Sessions

Jennifer and the team for Interaction 10 are trying something new this year with the community sessions they used to call lightening rounds. They want to encourage more interaction among attendees. All folks who know each other online from around the world will finally have a chance to meet face to face, and give the younger and more experienced folks a reason to mix.

The IxDA received over 250 submissions from the community, opened it up for comments the topics the community was interested in; from which they chose about 30. The effort in selection was based on a mix of topics and formats including discussions, activities, and games, and the UX bookclub.

Local Challenge

Savannah was the first design city, and organizers wanted to do something to give back. They designed a Local Challenge structured to give participants an opportunity to put interaction design principles and methods to work, engage with the rich history of Savannah, and address an issue that affects the lives of their local peers.

Student Challenge

Students can submit process books, juried by an international panel of educators, where 5 finalists will be invited to the conference for an on-site design challenge to compete for prizes and peer recognition.

Art Exhibition

Exploring the concept of interaction. Organizers of the conference have invited designers and artists to submit work that explores the concept of interacting with people, tools, technology, and answering the questions about what it all means.