Chris Farnum

Chris Farnum is a Senior Information Architect at Enlighten. His role is to define site structure and navigation based on user needs, strategic objectives, and well-organized content. He also specializes in creating taxonomies and defining the metadata needed for searching, browsing and content management. An essential part of his methodology is to incorporate user research into the design process. Chris has been an IA for over eight years. His experience prior to joining Enlighten includes working at ProQuest Information and Learning, where he was instrumental in redesigning the ProQuest search interface. He has also worked for a wide array of clients as a consultant with Argus Associates and Compuware. His preparation for being an IA includes working as a professional librarian and earning a Masters in Information and Library Studies from the University of Michigan.

Stories by Chris Farnum

There are several important factors to consider when you are planning to do prototyping for user testing. You will want to make careful choices about fidelity, level of interactivity and the medium of your prototype. Chris Farnum offers descriptions and best use scenarios to help you make the best prototype decision for your tests.