A Beginner’s Guide to Web Site Optimization—Part 2

The optimization process

In the previous article we talked about why site optimization is important and presented a few important goals and philosophies to impart on your team. I’d like to switch gears now and talk about more tactical stuff, namely, process. Optimization process Establishing a well-formed, formal optimization process is beneficial for the following reasons. It organizes the workflow and sets clear…

January 20th, 2015

Enhancing the Mind-Meld

A Case of UX Knowledge Transfer

Which version of the ‘suspended account’ dashboard page do you prefer? Version A       Version B     Perhaps you don’t really care. Each one gets the job done in a clear and obvious way. However, as the UX architect of the ‘overview’ page for a huge telecom leader, it was my job…

January 13th, 2015

A Beginner’s Guide to Web Site Optimization—Part 1

Practical advice for starting and running your own A/B testing program

Web site optimization, commonly known as A/B testing, has become an expected competency among many web teams, yet there are few comprehensive and unbiased books, articles, or training opportunities aimed at individuals trying to create this capability within their organization. In this series, I’ll present a detailed, practical guide on how to build, fine-tune, and…