Reorgs: Rocky or Righteous?

Designing the experience of company transition

As designers, we grapple every day with challenging projects. This of course is part of what keeps us coming back. Some challenges, although not directly related to project work, can still be looked at through a UX lens. In this case, I’m talking about a phenomenon you’re likely familiar with: company reorganization. If you’ve been…

March 25th, 2014

Forms: The Complete Guide

Part 2: Input Types

Forms are one of the most important parts of any site or app—they are the most common way for our users to give us the information that we need to help them do what they want to do. But in many instances, we design forms statically, often as wireframes. But so often, what makes or…

March 18th, 2014

Ending the UX Designer Drought

Part 1: A New Apprenticeship Architecture

The user experience design field is booming. We’re making an impact, our community is vibrant, and everyone has a job. And that’s the problem. A quick search for “user experience” on reveals over 5,000 jobs posted in the last 15 days (as of March 15, 2014) in the United States alone! Simple math turns…

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      As an iOS application developer you will develop, design and maintain our iPad and iPhon…

    • Front End Developer

      *Overview* At the development work is done in-house. We have highly skilled Developers,…

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