Honing Your Research Skills Through Ad-hoc Contextual Inquiry

It’s common in our field to hear that we don’t get enough time to regularly practice all the types of research available to us, and that’s often true, given tight project deadlines and limited resources. But one form of user research–contextual inquiry–can be practiced regularly just by watching people use the things around them and…

June 24th, 2014

Creating Your Personal Mission Statement

You’re weird. In a good way, but weird nonetheless. Weird in the sense that people outside of work likely have absolutely no clue what it is you do. Maybe many at work as well. For me, this weirdness manifests itself at parties. Inevitably, a new acquaintance asks me what I do. Beads of sweat form…

June 17th, 2014

Making the Case for a Design-Led Transformation

Review of Design for Care

When you hear about problems in the healthcare space, the list can be long enough to require a prescription of its own. They can be concerns that we as individuals face. Coping with a disease or condition and understanding your care choices Figuring out how to make decisions to improve your health and maintain a…

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